Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 28 — This year, in great detail

2010 has been okay overall.

i didn't do much for new years eve. spent new years day wit my fams and ariel. ariel left for DR for a few weeks. my lil cousin asked me to be his sponsor for his confirmation. ariel came back. i saw how crazy mw2 can get. i worked alot. i went out a few times got drunk a few times. reconnected wit a few people. DMC dates were released got excited about that. went to church and a class for confirmation for a few weeks. gave up stuff for lent. ariel had a birthday. did a lil shopping. lost a shoe the night we went to sutra...gina took off to be there...we celebrated ramon's bday... jenny hosted...complex DJ'd. was there for my friends when they needed. takin a lil break wit ariel. growing a topsy turvy. DMC NY and Supremacy is next saturday the 15th at Santos. my tummy aches from bad mini bananas. i just spent like 10 mins throwing up.

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