Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 24 — Whatever tickles your fancy

this was a bbm chat between me and james....i talked about the coffee mug reading and tarot card reading i got this week....

Sasha *EC*: Omg
Sasha *EC*: Y r the food gods against me
TripleJ18: You need the time gods on your side
TripleJ18: Are you dead?
TripleJ18: Hello
Sasha *EC*: No
Sasha *EC*: I left my phone on my desk
Sasha *EC*: I was upstairs
Sasha *EC*: U n ramon r bff
Sasha *EC*: Hhahahaaa
Sasha *EC*: My cup showed a lot of frustration n tears n worries
Sasha *EC*: Shows negative energy from ariel's baby's mom
TripleJ18: That's true
Sasha *EC*: Makin him go thru a difficult time n takin it out on me
TripleJ18: Yeah what WTF is it with @tizay
Sasha *EC*: N me pullin away from him bc of my frustration n shit
TripleJ18: Hmmmm I wonder if you'll finish the year with him
TripleJ18: WHOA
Sasha *EC*: Together but goin thru difficulties
Sasha *EC*: I have someone wit their hand on me like watching over me protecting me
TripleJ18: :s great something to look forward to
Sasha *EC*: N a lil one wit him
TripleJ18: Me!
TripleJ18: O:)
Sasha *EC*: So we figured it's my gramps n rocky
TripleJ18: Whoa
TripleJ18: Ahhhhh tru
TripleJ18: You people gotta do that stuff for me!!!
Sasha *EC*: But things r not as bad as I make them I need to focus improve on me and things will turn out good
Sasha *EC*: I have 5 good things comin to me
Sasha *EC*: A path of goodness too
TripleJ18: Niiiiiice :D
Sasha *EC*: So it's like all there sooo fuckin weird bc I really haven't told danerys too much
Sasha *EC*: But yooo that shit be like hitting it
Sasha *EC*: She said frustrated I literally used that one as how I was feeling
Sasha *EC*: N she was like u r wit him but sometimes u just want to hit him
Sasha *EC*: And then I said omfg
Sasha *EC*: N showed her the pic from the other night remember
Sasha *EC*: Fuckin crazy
Sasha *EC*: I got a tarot card readin too from shyra
Sasha *EC*: It said things are not balanced in my life
Sasha *EC*: I need to improve on myself n accept help as wellas be there for those around me
Sasha *EC*: Things will get better
Sasha *EC*: Oooo one more thing about the cup
Sasha *EC*: Last few cups she sees another man
Sasha *EC*: Who likes me thinks about me n wants me
Sasha *EC*: I don't kno whooooooo
Sasha *EC*: :/
TripleJ18: WHOA
Sasha *EC*: Yep. Shits b-a-n-a-n-a-s

***one other thing i forgot to mention was that someone was pregnant in my cup....NOT ME though

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