Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 25 — Your day, in great detail

It's now nearly 5:30pm so here it goes.

After midnight I was on netflix for a bit. I watched The September Issue. Texted Ariel at like nearly 2am before I went to bed. He of course didn't text me back, can we say "Hardcore Search and Destroy". Fell asleep to TVLand they were giving Roseanne. A lil after 9am my phone went off I knew it was work bc they have their own ringtone. Laysa was wondering who it was that was suppose to be working I told her Shyra who hadn't gotten there yet I asked her what day it was bc I thought it was Monday for a few mins. I didn't even open my eyes for that entire conversation. I fell asleep again after a few mins of thinkin of what weird dream I was having. woke up about 1230 began watching 17 Again but stopped bc my aunt came wit the kids. My mom got me a Topsy Turvy so the kids and I assembled it and planted tomatoes. Had lunch wit the fams. We ate porkchops, salad and arroz con habichuelas. Got dressed into decent clothes that weren't pajamas. Finished watching 17 Again, Zac Efron is dreamy. I am not at the Marshall's in Coop wit my moms and tia Angie. I'm about to call Ariel. I haven't seen him since I left for work Thurs 6am!

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